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SciFi Thriller: Darknet Sept 28th, 2013

An excerpt from my music to the audiobook adaption of Daniel Suarez' SciFi thriller »Darknet«.

Orchestra: Western German Radio Orchestra
Director: Petra Feldhoff, WDR
Production: WDR, 1Live 2013
Air dates: Part 1, Do, 17.10.2013 | 23:00 1Live
  Part 2, Do, 24.10.2013 | 23:00 1Live

Goethe, Clavigo
Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
June 9th, 2013

Some music I wrote for Kristo Šagor's staging of Goethe's "Clavigo" at the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart.

Director: Kristo Šagor
Stagedesign: Alexandre Corazzola
Premiere: 8th of June 2013 @ Junges Ensemble Stuttgart

SciFi Thriller: Daemon March 16th, 2013

An excerpt from my music to the audiobook adaption of Daniel Suarez' SciFi thriller »Daemon«.

Orchestra: Western German Radio Orchestra
Director: Petra Feldhoff, WDR
Production: WDR, 1Live 2013
Air dates: Part 1, 18. April, 23:00 1Live
  Part 2, 25. April, 23:00 1Live
  Part 3, 2. Mai, 23:00 1Live
  Parts 4, 5 & 6 will follow later 2013.

→ Scores
Suite für Violoncello
Solo & Videoinstallation
October 9th, 2012

All video and audio is generated live and in realtime, controlled & operated only by the cello player so that everything you see or hear is either played by the cellist or produced from realtime audio- videomanipulation of what she is playing. The piece is based on Johann Sebastian Bachs »Six Suites for Violoncello Solo«.

Violoncello: Elisabeth Fügemann
Premiere: 25th of Juli 2012 @ Institute for Music and Media, Düsseldorf
Length: ~25 Minutes
Camera: Lea Aigner
Video: Felix Rösch
→ Score
→ MaxMSP/Jitter Patch

Brecht / Eisler
Die Rund- & Spitzköpfe
April 4th, 2012
In 1934 Hanns Eisler wrote a 150 pages long score for Brecht's theater play »Die Rund- & Spitzköpfe«. Listen to a live recording of how my rewritten/rearranged version for live Electronics, Bassguitar and Singing Voice in Martin Nimz's staging of the play sounded like. That was definitely fun!

Director: Martin Nimzs
Stagedesign: Achim Naumann D'Alnoncourt
Premiere: 23rd of March 2012 @ Theater Konstanz

November 20th, 2011
Showreel 2011

A collection of my filmmusic compositions from 2009 - 2011.
March 18th, 2011
Little Red
My soundtrack to Eva Pervolovici shortfilm »Little Red« was lucky and won the 1st prize at the Berlin International Film Festivals Score Competition 2011. The film tells the story of a thirteen year old girl's awakening sexuality.

Orchestra: German Film Orchestra Babelsberg
Director: Eva Pervolovici
The jury especially lauded the "originality and the unconventional approach to the orchestral work".

→ Scores
March 25th, 2010
Les Llunes de Galileu

My music to Quimu Casalprim i Suaréz's beautiful, almost silent debut film »Les Llunes de Galileu«. The music was written and recorded way before the actual shooting of the film started.

Orchestra: Western German Radio Orchestra
Director: Quimu Casalprim i Suaréz
Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

Juli 5th, 2011

A Visual Music Clip, inspired by my studies at the Institut for Music and Media with Prof. Heike Sperling. It developed from a playback bug in the audio sequencer Ableton Live.

visual music
Variation for
Stringquartet, Pitchshifter
& Videoinstallation
March 9th, 2011

In co-operation with video artist Stephan Telaar and based on the late work of Robert Schumann, we developed an audio- / video installation wich tries to experience the insanity of Schuman's last days.

1st Violin: Nelly Wiegel
2nd Violin: Hubi Joder
Viola: Consuelo Redondo
Violoncello: Ho Jung Sung
Length: aprox. 7 Minutes
Premiere: 28th of Oktober, 2010 @
Partika Saal, Düsseldorf
→ Score
Mai 12th, 2011
Die Nächste Unschuld

Listen to an excerpt from my music to Kristo Šagors surreal staging of his theater play "Die nächste Unschuld" at the Schauspielhaus Chemnitz.

Writer/Director: Kristo Šagor
Stagedesign: Sebastian Kloos
Premiere: 29th of April 2011 @ Schauspielhaus Chemnitz
frei nach Franz Kafka
April 1st, 2010

A scene from Bastian Kleppe's shortfilm, based on the two shortstories »Das Ehepaar« and »Der Nachbar« by Franz Kafka.

Director: Bastian Kleppe
Viola: Veronika Weiser
Violoncello: Frieder Ziemendorf
Double Bass: Max Dommers
Horn: Markus Ebringhoff
Choir: Monika Rydzkowski, Anna Blinova, Marie-Dorothea Wählt, Stephanie Lesch, Jennifer Froitzheim, Charlotte Reese
→ Scores
The Faktory November 2nd, 2009

This re-scored version of Yann Jourette's animated short won the »European Filmmusic Award 2009«.

Writer/Director: Yann Jourette
1st Violin: Martin Stommel
2nd Violin: Felix Rösch
1st Violoncello: Stefan Wolf
2nd Violoncello: Raphael Feist
Three short pieces for Lea July 5th, 2010
Two pieces for piano solo, one for full orchestra.

Orchestra: Western German Radio Orchestra
Piano Solo: Felix Rösch
Length: aprox. 7'30 Minutes
→ Scores
July 5th, 2010
From Golzheim with Love

A little bigband film music I wrote for the James Bond parody »From Golzheim With Love«.

Bigband: FH Düsseldorf Bigband
Writer/Director: Henning Ricke
→ Score
Reverse October 9th, 2007

Excerpt from my music to Elena Tree's animated short »Reverse«.

Oh Fortuna August 6th, 2010

Get a first impression of our orchestral recordings for Johannes Klais' epic film »Oh Fortuna«.

Orchestra: RSH Orchstera
Writer/Director: Johannes Klais
December 17th, 2008
Excerpt from my music for Laurentia Genske's short film »Meer« for Piano and Violin Solo.

Wie gewonnen Februrary 27th, 2008
Excerpt from my music for Heike Krietmeyer's Comedy "Wie gewonnen" about an elderly couple coping with daily life - for Piano and Harmonica.